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  • Hallo there gentleman

    I am Sheena, from Malaysia. Any inquiries about me or question please do call me or message me on whatsapp. Sometime I don't replying any message on whatsapp because I get so much message daily. Please note I don't send picture to anyone and send any private part picture to anyone. Please visits my website for more picture of me or search my name on YouTube. I really appreciate if you being gentlemen and respect others especially transgender like my self....

  • Chicago, IL
    Last on: Apr 19, 15:19

    Why I don't answer questions LIKE if I go to your

    I Get a lot of Emails, TXT, Direct messages on social media asking when am I going to visit their city? I will give an example, during this year, I tried to visit Ohio but things just didn't work... I had things to do In NY, Orlando, and Atlanta. I kept getting emails asking to visit Ohio, and so now I did. Is it worth it? Not Like I would expected to be. Why? Because My prices are non negotiable, and if others Like me do, I don't. so I come to Ohio to get calls and text saying " you are out of my budget" I only have 80, 100, 150. NO NO NO NO. This was Way back on 2015 around October.

  • Chicago, IL
    Last on: Apr 19, 15:19

    what I think about the authenticity

    I feel that the more I tried to prove I'm real, Calls will gets worst every single time... I know there are lots of fakes out there... but If you Don't Read or do your Research what do you expect? A super model??? Goodluck.

  • Los Angeles, CA
    Last on: Apr 14, 05:37

    First blog post?

    Published by LanaLake

    Hi! I'm Lana, as you already know, I'm sure. So, I have never authored a blog and I have know idea what I will even have to write about. If I seem like I have no clue what I am doing it is because that is the reality. Ha Ha. I'm going to try not to ramble on and on. I can go off on tangents at times, and it's not that I stop making sense or anything. Some topics are just left better for those with the curiosity to pursue an interest. Anyway! Since this blog is available, I thought I would give it a whirl. Hopefully, if anyone does ever read any of it then they will have been drawn to my personality coming through my words. And then, will not be able to resist the urge to call me. Or text me!

  • Berlin, Germany
    Last on: Apr 11, 08:19

    Doing incalls now! Open bookings!

    Published by Katheryn

    Cleared out my schedule to do open bookings for y'all tonight! Feel free to what's app me or email me at [email protected] and follow me on twitter! Link is on my website Katherynrain.wordpress.com come have fun with me! Half hour session 150-200 full hour 250-300

  • PayPal.com

    Feel free to leave a donation guys. I will grant access to my full length videos 💋💋

    PayPal: [email protected]

  • Dallas, TX
    Last on: Apr 21, 02:25

    Hey guys

    Published by Ts_Joss

    I'm in Austin visiting check out my Tumblr tsjosslynbottomsup.tumblr.com 4693382754

  • Berlin, Germany
    Last on: Apr 11, 08:19

    Avaiable now

    Published by Katheryn

    Come have fun with me tonight! Doing incalls near downtown berlin <3

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