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  • San Diego, CA
    Last on: May 27, 21:00
    Last Update: May 21, 01:55
    TS4Rent: What do you consider to be your weaknesses?
    NinaLawless: My kindness.
    22 Answers
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  • Seattle, WA
    Last on: 6 hours ago
    Last Update: May 19, 01:21
    TS4Rent: Where do you see yourself in few years?
    MilkySuzanne: hopefully not having to work
    15 Answers
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  • New York City, NY
    Last on: May 10, 07:54
    Last Update: Apr 22, 07:18
    TS4Rent: How much time do you spend maintaining the “ideal” body for you in your job?
    Sansa: My body is a commodity in this line of work and upkeep such as exercise, diet, personal hygiene, and grooming are essential.
    13 Answers
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  • Los Angeles, CA
    Last on: May 26, 15:43
    Last Update: Apr 02, 18:21
    TS4Rent: What's your dream in life?
    Fitpersianbarbie: One big dream now is too fully transition. I would love to run a successful company and travel the world . I want to inspire others to get fit and be healthy . I want to achieve all my goals I set out to do .
    22 Answers
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